GnT Glass Products are divided into four major categories, namely energy efficient glass, structural glass, design glass and complex glass.


In order to maintain the core competitiveness, GnT actively explore possibilities of applying new material and technology into architectural glass. Now we are capable of fabricating complex glass products with world leading SEFAR and Suntuitive dynamic interlayer. Meanwhile, as the architectural glass is getting bigger and bigger, GnT continuously optimize and improve the glass processing technology, and now we have mastered the invisible SGP jointing technology, presenting perfect visual and aesthetic effect.

Complex Lamination with SEFAR Interlayer


exterior aesthetic design with abundant color choices while still keep clear view from interior.


must cut back at edges; control of straightness, trim burrs and color difference.

Complex Lamination with SEFAR Interlayer


maintain comfortable interior environment by self-controlling color and solar performance according to the solar radiance.


very sensitive to temperature, and easy to occur color difference.

Invisible SGP Jointing Technology

  • Traditional jointing with obvious mark

  • Industrial leading jointing technology with

    perfect visual and aesthetic effect

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